The day the routers died..

One advantage of ipv6 people seem to be forgetting; everyone is is finally going to have to register everything properly in dns because nobody can remember those long ip addresses ;)

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Het is weer september..

Week 1
De kindjes moeten weer naar school. Ze zijn niet allemaal even gezond en verkoudheden en dergelijk beginnen zich te verspreiden onder de kinderen.
Week 2
Nadat de kinderen er bijna vanaf zijn, worden de ouders getroffen.
Week 3
Mensen zonder kinderen zien hun collegas op het werk ook ziek worden. Je kan al raden wie die volgende reeks slachtoffers is.

En ik zit dus in die laatste groep. Toch wel erg, juist op vrijdagavond begint dat op te komen. Heel m'n weekend naar de kl(#$*n en de maandag als ik weer moet gaan werken zal het wel weer voorbij zijn.

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Useful little utilities

Aside from the usual web browsers, email client and office suite, what is installed on your laptop? Over time I collected a number of useful utilities, amazing enough, most of the onces that that I use daily could still fit on a floppy.
Yes, my laptop is running windows, with good reason but thats a different discussion.

A free SSH client that I use all the time, mostly to connect to systems for which I don't need to load a saved session.
A small TFTP, FTP and Syslog server. Nothing to run 24/7 but very handy to quickly set up a server to transfer files. I mainly use the TFTP function to upgrade devices and copy config files.
This application isn't free but it is the one I mostly use to access serial consoles because it allows me to store different profiles for different devices. I also use it for my larger list of SSH bookmarks, SecureCRT handles those better than PuTTY. If anyone knows a free alternative, let me know but don't dare to suggest hyperterm ;)
Simple command line (or web) ip calculator - useful when calculating netmasks on a monday morning
Active Directory Explorer
One from the sysinternals collection. Useful when looking up the full DN of an object in AD in case I can't reproduce it just by looking at the AD structure.
Dig for troubleshooting DNS issues because standard windows nslookup is just so horrible. It's included in the BIND package for windows, you can just copy the required files for dig without installing the full BIND of course.
Just as a notepad replacement.
A real editor.
Used to encrypt my data partition so in case my laptop gets stolen, they will have a lot more trouble accessing the good stuff.

Of course there is a lot more (firefox, winscp, filezilla, openoffice, msoffice,...) but everyone already knows those.
Just by looking at this list, I don't think it would be difficult to figure out what my job is.

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"Op hoeveel plaatsen kan je je baas zomaar ouwe bok noemen?"

Wel, je kan het altijd op z'n minst 1 keer proberen ;)

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