1. $ df -h
  2. Filesystem Size Used Avail Capacity Mounted on
  3. /dev/sd0a 148M 88.2M 52.1M 63% /
  4. /dev/wd0b 10.5G 1.6G 8.4G 16% /home
  5. <strong>/dev/wd1a 36.7G 34.8G -8.0K 100% /shared</strong>

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Zo'n prachtig weer, dus ik ben even met m'n laptop buiten gaan zitten. Groot gevolg is natuurlijk dat ik nu niet juist weet wat te doen. Slechts 1 scherm, geen plaats voor papier met allerlei notities. Dus maar even een aantal updates neerschrijven. En blijkbaar ben ik halverwege vergeten in welke taal ik aan het schrijven was ;)

  • Debian Etch has been released. I have a couple hundred gigs of spare bandwidth so i'm seeding it on bittorrent right now. Unfortunately my hosting provider blocks the default bittorrent ports but thats no problem, I simply set up an SSH tunnel to another server to establish the connection to the tracker. I love ssh ;)
  • Yes, the blocked ports and poor disk IO performance on this VPS annoy me, among other things. But at the moment I don't know of any better offers for the same price. The stability issues they experienced initially, are gone now. I guess Xen is getting more stable.
  • Telenet's spam filters have an insane amount of false positives. I set them to tag spam instead of blocking it and noticed that about 10% of mails to bugtraq and FD were tagged as being spam. Oops. I configured my email client to send all non-mailinglist messages marked as spam to a different folder, seems to behave pretty wel now. I don't use telenet for any important mail anyway, i like being able to switch ISP without having to notify everyone that my address has changed.

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