Iphone tethering mobileconfig for Mobistar

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Update: This no longer works with the 3.1 firmware - go thank Apple & Mobistar for that..

The easiest way to enable tethering on your iPhone is to browse to websites like http://help.benm.at which have configuration files that you can install on your phone. However, all the mobileconfig files I found online didn't work for me as they used the wrong APNs. My account needs to use "web.pro.be" for data and "mms.be" for MMS.

So I created my own mobileconfig, attached to this article. Use at your own risk, I'm not going to guarantee that anything here is correct, but it has been confirmed to work (both tethering and MMS) by several people. To install, simply open the attached file from your iPhone.

Of course, keep an eye on your bandwidth consumption, it isn't cheap.


With your file, do we have to override the carrier.plist inside the bundle ?
I tried but I got an error from itune when trying to put the ipcc file.

Thanks for you help,


There is no need to use a custom IPCC, the mobileconfig contains the required information.

Ok, I found out ;-) just navigate to your website from the iphone.
But, no way to activate tethering... and internet access doesn't work anymore... any clue ?

These settings of course only work if your carrier is Mobistar & you need to use the web.pro.be APN (the professional accounts i think).

If you are using another carrier, browse to http://help.benm.at from your iPhone and select the right one.

My provider is mobistar and i have a professional subscription. But seems not to work for me... Even after rebooting my iPhone.

Ok, I asked Mobistar to change my APN to the pro one.
So, I was able to apply your config with success.
Only thing is that internet access seems a bit slower than with the default apn.
Thanks a lot!

Ever since installing MobileConfig - Itunes can not connect with my iPhone 3Gs. How do I uninstall MobileConfig?

Thanks in advance,

You can remove them by going to Settings > General > Profile. Select the one you installed and click remove.

i don't have a "profile" setting. i do have a "tethering" setting. how can i uninstall this thing - my visual voicemail stopped working.

this tethering stuff messed up my phone....I Advise against it

It can't have "messed up" your phone permanently... It works (or worked) for a lot of people, and if it stops working, just uninstall the config file. If you aren't intelligent enough to uninstall a file from your phone you shouldn't put it on there..

This definitely didn't work, I need a solid Tethering App, So I can Tether My iPhone to my iPad.

Any ideas if this would also work on iOS 4?
Can it do any harm if I try?

Anyway to get it working on iOS4?

It won't work on iOS4, same problem as with version 3.1. Its blocked by apple by request from mobistar as they want to push their own 3G dongles instead.

You can go to http://www.unlockit.co.nz on your iPhone and it Works with all Versions of iOS including 4.X

How can I remove this when it doesn't show up in "profiles"??

Hello, just installed this config on iphone4 with ios 4.3 and mobistar SIM, but no succes. Even after reboot. Tethering doesn't appear. I also use web.pro.be apn so this should be the right profile for me.

Any ideas? Do I need to jailbreak my iphone first?

Thx for any reply

Yes, currently the only way of enabling tethering is to jailbreak the iphone.

Apple started digitally signing these settings to prevent people from altering them using these config files.

I've gone through the link http://help.benm.at that provides great points regarding how to enable tethering on your iPhone. I've also installed all configuration files on my iPhone and now they are working properly.

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